Sunday, February 13, 2005

Seventy Five Plus 55

If I had not told my kids when I was in my thirties, "Never do anything Hard", I would have already given up on this blogging bit and been in bed with Grandma several hours earlier this last week.
So I tried what I haave done the last few nights, get to blog with the information that I had input previously. But this just doesn`t work. So, my next thought was try to get it to work on the laptop. So while I am doing this on the lapltop, I have the other computer on standby, and after I post this, I will see if I can read it on the Gateway.
Today was cold, wet and rainy and a good day for a long nap. I didn`t get to nap but did get in some good play time with Kimmee Sue. She and I went to Lowe`s and Wallies. As soon as I get out of the car she coils up in the drivers seat and goes to sleep. The seats are heated, and when I come back to the car and unlock it, she looks at me like "go away, I was having this great dream." But then typical dog style, she is always so glad to see me, that I get my ears washed profusely and my hands licked clean.
Today was Richards birthday. We hope he had a great B`Day and enjoyed all the presents he may have gotten. And may he be showered with kisses tomorrow at school. I got a hug at church this morning, and two at home. One was from Grandma. And now like they say at Churchill Downs, it is time to go to post.